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The power of patience 

In my daily journey I tend to get things in bundles, whether food or inspiration or exercise or love or hate. It comes in bursts and bundles at a time. Today’s journey brought me to patience and small steps. It brought me to persistence and percervierance. I may have at one time or another discussed moon shots with a number of you in private. I just want to elaborate on that a bit and unravel the idea. The idea that moon shots are not some huge leap forward but rather tiny steps in a direction that lead to an amazing end state.  Our world gets faster and better by the minute but does our quality of life or our definition of success? As we set goals and try to achieve we seem to get lost in the minutea. So as of late I have opened up “Daily Rituals” a book by Mason Currey. This book curates about 160 great authors, composers, artists, scientists, leaders and countless others who have made their mark on humanity in one way or another. It talks about their habits and quirks. How they went about their lives sometimes following routines and sometimes haphazardly. It talks about their addictions as well as best and worst practices. It speaks to the human condition and if you read all the way through you discover patterns and commonalities.

This goes without saying that I re-discovered Simon Sinek and some other very amazing TedX alumni who discuss the human condition. It amazes me how our 50 billion year old species have survived and thrived to become today’s sapien. How we have overcome great obstacles and met challenges head on. But lest we forget that those same challenges and obstacles plague our everyday existence now. We still have the same drive and curiosity. The same fatigues and compulsions. The same caring and compassion. The same hatred and destructive tendencies. Trying to glean insight from those who have walked the toughest paths.  I see these subtle commonalities more and more. I ask myself how to overcome obstacle and challenges. How do I be a better person than I was yesterday? I come back to the same conclusions. It all comes back to the human condition. The soon to be forgotten art of human interaction. As I sit and write this from my balcony sipping a delicious glass of Malbec and listening to the critters of the night sing their melodies I am surrounded by no one. Nobody to discuss things with. No one there to laugh with or ask about their family. Yet I’m not completely alone. I do some of my deepest mental processes by myself. But I will not discount the value of having someone else around from time to time in order to make sense of what I’m thinking about or discovering. A mentor, a relative, a lover, a friend all of which I have in my life at the moments when I really need to talk. It’s this simple act of communication that builds the bond. This conversation that truly inspires at the end of the day. Being able to interact and feel that visceral meaningful human condition.

As of late I’m working on one of the scariest things I can imagine. Working on business plans and real estate deals. It’s all becoming very real after only discussing and dreaming for what seems like an eternity. Bouncing ideas and asking complicated questions to know I’m headed in the right direction. But the action is what really moves the aspiration forward. But it is a very slow process. Maybe it’s just me who is impatient. And that is how the world really works. A combination of true human interaction, which builds relationships, which drives the plot of life forward, which ultimately produces a desired (or in some cases a not so desired) outcome. It’s a long slow journey at times but the result is always the same. You head down a path. You start off in a direction. The road twists and turns. The seasons change. Summer to fall, winter to spring and then back to summer. Time passes but eventually if you face a direction and keep on that course you will reach your destination. Take the time to study the path you are on. Make meaningful connections with people along your path. Have patience and persistence. You will end up where you belong. It might be far from what you envisioned but that is the amazing thing about it. We end up where we are supposed to end up. As long as your compass is true the end game is guaranteed to be fruitful.


Just a normal Army guy trying to be an abnormal Real Estate investor. I devour information such as books, blogs, podcasts, quotes, actual networking with people smarter than me. I write from time to time on my blog and have begun to fully embrace IG.

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