Just an average guy doing average things in an average world. Would you rather me sugar coat it and tell you some lies about how awesome I am and how many unicorns I have in a stable out in Malibu? Just love inspiring people and trying to inspire myself along the way. Deep connections are worth more than one time business ventures. Learning about learning, real estate, money, health, happiness, fulfillment, being a good dad, and pulling people with me along the path. Join me and be inspired! Thank you so much for blessing ME with YOUR presence!

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  1. John, what a nice comment! I’m headed off to Dubai for a week in a few hours, and then London, then back to New York. Too little time to go to sleep, so may as well stay up and sleep on the plane. You are SO right — I wish the event had been recorded because what the podcast, wonderful as it is, misses so much. For example, it’s not obvious, but when Tim asked a question, I always turned to the audience (1000 people, standing room only), so I was really addressing them and not Tim. Tim ambushed me with a 1-on-1 podcast a couple of weeks ago, so it will be up I think in a week or so. I have only sent 1 public tweet ever, but beginning now I am going to be active, because Tim and other friends like Josh Waitzkin — by bestie di tutti besties — have urged me to speak out, so I will. @GlobalRobinson is my current handle. Thanks again for your comment, you made my day, and if I can help with any of your dreams, let me know. Adam Robinson

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    1. Adam, good morning! Enjoy your flight and very safe travels while you are away. I really can’t wait until April to get back over to Europe myself. I guess the best thing would have been to drive down to NYC and be there but I had other matters more pressing to attend to at the time. I am absolutely stoked to hear a one-on-one! Tim has a nack for bringing people to the spotlight and as in investing, his pick of guests is never far from stunning. Thank you so much for the response! It speaks volumes in many ways.


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