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Managing your money and the 10000 year old hunter gatherer

hello everyone! Just spent a turbulent week going over a lot of things in my head and making some progress forward with important things in my life. As an aspiring real estate investor I have come to realize one major thing in my life. You can’t manage real estate or investments unless you can manage yourself. I have spent an enormous amount of time doing this over the last year and I will continue in the next 12 months to push forward managing myself and optimizing my life. I have made leaps and bounds just in the last 12 months and started off 2016 with the same vigor in my future. As someone turning 40 this year I am slowly realizing things that I was never taught or never learned in school. But I am completely focused on making major changes in my life at a rapid fire pace in order to right some of the wrongs. So what exactly am I talking about?
Over the last 12 months I have re-discovered myself and re-discovered things that make me move forward as well as things that hold me back. I am doing daily tasks that will compound over months and years and bring me a huge return in my investment. Yes I could be talking specifically about money but money isn’t everything. Wait, didn’t you just say sometime last year that a millio… I know. Just listen for a min. Money is what you need to survive in the modern world but our perspective of it and how it works is sometimes skewed. Money creates opportunities. Money pays bills. But money also gives us choices and for some of us choices are bad. Too many of them at least. I have spent a somewhat comfortable life until about a year ago when I decided that most everything I learned was wrong. My focus was in the wrong place. My money was in the wrong place. I have always been able to pay my bills but I like everyone else thought that earning was the key to success. It’s not. Let me just say you have to earn in order to save but not only that you have to save in order to earn. So what can I do right now to make that mentality a reality?
Cut your spending. Increase your saving. Use your saving for investing. Leverage your investing for more saving and investing. I am a podcast junkie. There, I said it. I am also a book junkie. They kind of go hand in hand. I am listening and reading Tony Robins book on money as well as his book on Awakening the Giant (which I discovered from the Tim Ferriss podcast). The money book is my main focus however. He studies and breaks down the 7 steps in creating a financial future for yourself and your family. The thing about all of these self help books and ideas is that not all of them work the same for every person. We are all at different points in life and all moving in different directions. You have to read all of it. Find the patterns. Tease out what works for you. NOT be so stuck in your ways to not see a better way. So save, earn, invest, rinse and repeat is the basic premise. The main point I would glean from all of it is cut your spending! What are you spending money on? Is that spending in line with your goals? Are you tracking any of this at all or are you too busy tracking your fantasy football team? Priorities and goals have to line up. I can see this is Turing out long so let me get to my last point(s).
Podcasts… If you are a good friend of mine you probably have that link sitting in a message from me. So this show is normally about real estate investing but this particular week hit a major nerve for me in a good way. I have been studying the greats throughout history and looking for the patterns that made them great. Hal Elrod is on the show talking about his book “Miracle Mornings” and his 6 steps of overall happiness and productivity. Funny enough I find myself at this point in time already doing 4/6. Here they are in order:
S ilence: meditation
A ffirmation: what do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? What are the obstacles? What do you do to overcome them? When do you do it?

V isualization: visualize the end results. Feel the emotions involved with those results. What do you have to do today to get to those results?

E xercise: stretching and mild cardio (5-10min) along with any other workout plan you already have.

R eading: (books/podcasts/blogs/documentaries)

S cribing: journaling

SAVERS. If you want to know the details, listen to the podcast and then go read the book. These are the common things that all successful people do. Most successful people only do one or two of these things. Why not do all of them 10 min each, first thing in the morning, everyday. It will change your life forever! I promise! Although it may seem all over the place I want to just emphasize that you have to manage yourself. They even have a book on it by Peter Drucker called “Managing Oneself”. Sit down today for 5- 10 min and dump everything from your brain on paper. That is a great place to start! From there open your mind to the tools that are sitting in front of you and take control of your life. If not for your own sake for those you love and care about! Be blessed and be humble! Until next time.


Just a normal Army guy trying to be an abnormal Real Estate investor. I devour information such as books, blogs, podcasts, quotes, actual networking with people smarter than me. I write from time to time on my blog and have begun to fully embrace IG.

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