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Gratitude and the art of paying it forward.

It’s been more than a little while since I’ve last posted. This time I actually want to give a little back to one or more people who have really influenced change in my life. I would say changed my life but that wouldn’t be entirely true. The change comes from within and the influence comes from everywhere else.

To go through life blindly and not seek knowledge is nowhere in my agenda. I have however spent more than a few years in the dark ages. Maybe not the most productive years of my life in my own opinion. Now I make it my daily mission to learn something new and interesting every day. I also strive to disconnect myself more and more from mainstream media. It’s a black hole that will always have an enormous gravitational pull and it does shape the lives of many people I come in contact with. I know the cliff notes of what is happening in the world but I definitely do not know up to the minute reports from CNN or Fox. I try to stay away from the media like it is some sort of disease (in a sense it really is a disease).

There have been multiple people I have come across in my live (real, fiction, alive and dead) who have truly made an enormous impact on me. To say that I’m a total fanboy of Tim Ferris would be an understatement and for this not to come across as a sales pitch for him is probably not beyond realistic expectations. I’m just a normal person who has a man crush on a truly inspiring and influential person. Let me explain…

As some of you know I started on a journey which took me off on a few tangents. It was a death in the family that sparked a divorce and eventually another love life that didn’t end up how I planned it. This journey took me to a couple places  and moved me across the country more than a few times. It persuaded me to open a book that would ultimately be a catalyst to reading and absorbing knowledge. Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence. A very dense book about EQ and human psychology. This book led me to a guy on the Internet in a garage with a Lamborghini and a Ferrari – Tai Lopez. The 67 steps that opened up my mind to what is really more important: health, wealth, love, and happiness. Happiness being probably the most important. 12 ish months and 100+ books later I discovered, Brandon Turner, Josh Dorkin and a ton of other real estate smart people. A community that not only talked about real estate but some of the values and beliefs I was starting to adopt as important.

Enter #timtimtalktalk. I can’t really remember the first podcast but I remember vividly hearing everyone complain about this 4 hour guy and what a bunch of bullshit this book has to be. Nobody can have a 4 hour workweek. Obviously hearing everyone talk shit about it is what attracted me to it. I need to know for myself that everyone else is crazy. I’ve heard the stories too many times about too many things… The rumors and the myths. Investigate and disprove the bullshit (one of Tim’s and my core principles). So I read the damn book. It was a complete eye opening experience. It’s not about working 4 hours a week, it’s about condensing and optimizing your time so that you can compress 40 hours of nonsense into a few hours of hyper-productivity. It’s about doing the few right things that matter. It’s not about doing busy work for the sake of being or looking busy.

So naturally I had to see what else this guy was about. The myth was busted but is he just a one hit wonder self help guru?

The Tim Ferriss Show to date has been the most optimally enhanced information I have ever ingested. Period. It has completely raised the bar for everything I spend my time listening to or reading or watching. Every single episode I learn something completely new and sometimes very dense in nature. It leads me to places and people I never would have met in the course of my regular day. It begs me to ask the hard questions, the right questions in order to get to the important overarching answers.

So as I walk through Barnes and Noble and I pass by Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Machiavelli, Ryan Holiday, BJ Novack, Glen Beck, Kevin Kelly, Josh Waitzkin, Jocko Willink, Amanda Palmer, Rolf Potts… The list could go on forever. Amazing and interesting people that I am able to connect with on a whole other level through one mans tenacity to interview people on a human level. To extract all of the great conversations and stories that come from a very personal interaction. I will say it’s probably one of the most inspiring parts of my life right now to be able to ingest so much knowledge and information on an enormous scale. So this is my official, long winded, thanks to Tim and many other mentioned here.

And as journeys go usually you are on a journey when a new one begins right in the middle of the old one. I look up from my blogging banter and see a familiar author on the table – Jonathan Haidt. And at that very moment I have to ask and find out who is reading this amazing book. Turns into a couple hour conversation and me, doing what a lot of amazing people do, gifting a copy of one of the best short reads and a gateway drug into reading and embracing knowledge… Discovering the “good life” and just general life lessons. Seneca – on the shortness of life. It all seems to come full circle.

I guess that is the end state in all of this. Life is short, depending on how you spend your time. Getting information and knowledge is one thing. If you never pass any of that knowledge on to anyone else you have just wasted your time and everyone else’s in the process. So give back 10x the value you get in. That’s what Tim does every day and that’s what I strive to do as well.

So in my most non-creepy and humble voice. Tim Ferris – Thank you…for cotinuing to bring enormous value to this world and introducing me to an amazing bunch of people….raising my expectations and aspiration…


Just a normal Army guy trying to be an abnormal Real Estate investor. I devour information such as books, blogs, podcasts, quotes, actual networking with people smarter than me. I write from time to time on my blog and have begun to fully embrace IG.

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